Market intelligence agency dedicated to the performance of fine wines and champagnes


Research, calculate, pinpoint, identify, update.
Then consign, save, transcribe, cross-check, verify.
And finally decompose, analyse, mesure, compare, comment.
To assist, advise, inspire, recommend, help.


To be your complete marketing assistant

Tracking resolutely every piece of relevant information, the Wine Services team ensures a constant presence on markets. Wine Services provides a mine of information, unparalleled in volume, collected with patience and one might even say with tenacity. All data is verified and cross-checked to garantee their reliability.

But this manna would be nothing without our technical analysis tool developed by our team. The client platform, developped internally to meet the needs of our commercial and communication directors, is a true Business Intelligence tool. It enables you to translate and immediately put to use the data we collect for you.

6 600 Restaurants across 30 markets

550 wine shops 12 major consumer markets

35 000 Articles collected from worldwide press